What is this stuff?

A powdered mix of vitamins/minerals, carbohydrates, protein, and fats you mix with water and oil to create a days worth of nutritionally complete meals. Powder Chow strives to contain the highest quality ingredients possible, and will always keep its recipes available to the public and open source. In the coming months we plan to further improve our recipes while staying true to these promises.


Each days worth of Powder Chow comes in one resealable metallized mylar bag, heat sealed straight from the mixer for guaranteed freshness.



Is Powder Chow for me?

Do you have a demanding job? Are you strapped for time but tired of compromising with fast food? Your body deserves better. You deserve better. A whole days worth Powder Chow takes a single minute to prepare. That’s 2000 calories of healthy, nutritious food for your body, food you could theoretically live off of if you choose to and thrive.


Would you like to lose weight? Would you like to know exactly what goes into your body, to have the power to count every individual calorie? Our 1600 calorie blend of Powder Chow is specifically geared to increase satiety while giving complete nutritionallowing you to take control of your previous habits and break free.


Are you shifting towards a healthier lifestyle? Cut out the sugary snacks. Cut out the greasy fast food. Cut out the crap. Replace the unhealthy alternatives with a glass or two of Powder Chow and feel the benefits of high quality, superior nutrition that your body craves.



Is the oil included?

The required soybean oil is not included. However, this kind of oil is common in grocery stores and often labelled as “vegetable oil”. If the ingredients list on the back reads “Soybeans” then the vegetable oil is soybean oil.



When will I receive my order?

Orders ship within 2-5 business days. Upon shipping you will be supplied with a tracking number via email. All orders ship via USPS Priority Mail within 1-3 days.



How do I contact Powder Chow?

We’re available 24/7 for any kind of assistance via email. Help@Powderchow.com

PowderChow is on hiatus, stay tuned.