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Powder Chow’s Keto Meal Shake is a perfect start for those who are ready to try out a Ketogenic diet and a perfect fit for those who already incorporate this diet into their lives. Each days worth of our Ketogenic Blend contains only 10g net carbs while maintaining a perfect 1:1 Omega-3/6 ratio. That’s 1800 calories worth of nutritious Ketogenic food with a creamy texture and a smooth chocolate taste to match.


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Macro Ratios:

1800cal: 8/19/73 (carb/protein/fat)

Contains milk



  • Empty the contents of one bag into a 2 liter pitcher.
  • Add 5-7 cups of water, depending on how thick or thin you want your mix to be.
  • Add desired amount of Heavy Whipping Cream, 10ml Olive Oil, and take two Fish Oil pills at your leisure.
  • Shake well for thirty seconds.
  • (OPTIONAL) Let the mixture soak in the fridge 4-6 hours. While this isn’t necessary, the taste and texture is improved by doing this.
  • Split into however many meals you’d like and enjoy!

Changing the amount of Heavy Whipping Cream alters the amount of calories in a days worth of our Ketogenic blend. Use these values to decide how many calories you’d like to include in each days worth of Powder Chow – Keto:

  • 1500kcal: 275ml
  • 1800kcal: 365ml
  • 2100kcal: 450ml



Heavy Whipping Cream

Extra Virgin Olive Oil or MCT Oil

Hamilton Healthcare Fish Oil


For any questions or concerns, contact us at Help@Powderchow.com

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One Day (3 Meals), Week Pack (21 Meals)


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